Occasionally, discrete or diffuse calcifications will be encountered inside the human dental pulp. Calcifications, per se, does not necessarily imply that progressive inflammation of the pulp, or pulp necrosis, will occur. However, when root canal negotiation is needed, the treatment challenge is great. Negotiating obliterated canals could be from difficult, to nearly impossible. The risk of procedural accidents, such as perforation and instrument separation, is considered very high. Enhanced visibility, dyes, specially designed burs and modified techniques might all be needed for the successful management of challenging calcified canal cases. This series is designed to review the literature on pulp chamber, and pulp canal, calcification, discrete or diffuse, and discuss the various management approaches and clinical techniques available. 

Root canal, negotiation of calcified canals – video tutorial - Dr. Antonis Chaniotis

Aims and objectives:

  • Review of the aetiology, incidence and clinical manifestations of pulp chamber, or pulp canal, discrete or diffuse calcifications
  • Clarify the decision-making process concerning the treatment or non-treatment approaches
  • Review the most current instruments and techniques available, for the predictable management of such cases
  • Tips and hints for use in everyday practice

Navigating the aberrant internal anatomy of human teeth - Dr. Antonis Chaniotis

Aims and objectives:

Gain an overview of negotiating complex root anatomies, taking into consideration:

  • Objectives of root canal treatment
  • Design objectives for gutta percha
  • Highlight the spatial component of navigation: root canal vs root canal system
  • Evidence-based perspective for the navigation process
  • Guidelines for efficient, safe and predictable navigation of challenging cases
2 videos
130 mins CPD/CE