In this video, recorded at the Royal College of Surgeons, as part of 4 lectures, Dr. Palacci discusses techniques for good soft, and hard tissue, for aesthetic and complex zone implants.

 Royal College of Surgeons implant day. Part 1. Treatment of complex implant cases - Dr. Patrick Palacci

Aims and objectives:

  • Learn techniques on improving hard and soft tissue around implants for good aesthetic outcomes
  • Techniques following extraction to maintain and improve hard and soft tissue
  • Techniques on precision of implant placement – tips on getting precise positioning and angles in multiple implants esp. in the aesthetic zone
  • Use of implant positioning guides
  • How to recreate hard tissue support – for implants and for soft tissues and to optimise implant stability, positioning and aesthetic outcomes
  • Gain knowledge of the alternatives to autogenous bone grafts, in areas of narrow implants - discussion of narrow implants and biomaterials – to gain optimal aesthetic results
  • Use of narrow implants in functional and aesthetic positions – some applications
  • Narrow diameter implants in the posterior, without sinus elevation, and with sinus elevation
  • Narrow diameter implants in very thin, knife edge resorbed ridges of the edentulous patient and how biomaterials can be used
  • Use of biomaterials – some applications
  • Horizontal augmentation
  • Management of implant failures in very complex cases, and reconstruction of ridges
  • Placement of implants and biomaterials with very complex cases

1 videos
90 mins CPD/CE