In this video, recorded at the Royal College of Surgeons, as part of 4 lectures, Dr. Ulf Nannmark discusses various biomaterials used to reconstruct hard tissue with a special focus on xenogenic biomaterials . Very useful lecture for those wanting to know more about hard tissue.

Royal College of Surgeons implant day. Part 2. Collagenated biomaterials. The science of complex cases - Dr. Ulf Nannmark

Aims and objectives:

  • Discussion on different biomaterials
  • Focus on xenogenic biomaterials
  • The effect of biomaterials in-vitro cultures and in some in-vivo animal studies
  • The use of PRF membranes in socket preservation, together with mp3 bone biomaterial – is socket preservation useful using these clinical examples
  • The use of bone biomaterials and reconstruction in peri-implantitis – understanding the possibilities
  • The protocol used for the management of cases of peri-implantitis
  • Block augmentation, in very resorbed ridges, using spongious blocks
  • Use of biomaterials in socket preservation, peri-implantitis, very resorbed ridges vertically and in sinus augmentation cases
  • Equine bone block in surgical vertical and lateral bone augmentation

1 videos
75 mins CPD/CE