In this video, recorded at the Royal College of Surgeons, as part of 4 lectures, Dr. Ziv Mazor provides some novel techniques in bone regeneration using the dentine graft, and the use of osseodensification as a novel process to consider instead of sinus lifting.

Royal College of Surgeons implant day. Part 3. Thinking outside the box in dental implantology - Dr. Ziv Mazor

Aims and objectives:

  • Treatment options when there is ridge collapse or ridge resorption
  • Regenerative options from socket preservation, to guided bone regeneration in ridge deficiencies
  • Treatment options in severe ridge atrophy including ridge splitting, sinus lifting, nasal floor elevation, nerve bypass and use of narrow diameter implants
  • Dr. Mazor demonstrates a new procedure for bone augmentation that uses processed extracted teeth for immediate grafting. An interesting concept
  • GBR in cases
  • Demonstration of a new procedure called osseodensification (for crestal sinus augmentation) which is an alternative to lateral sinus lift
  • Bone reduction and implant placements using surgical reduction guides

1 videos
75 mins CPD/CE