A collection of useful resources on isolation and rubber dam placement.

Rubber dam - an introduction - Dr. Harmeet Grewal

In this video, Dr. Harmeet Grewal demonstrates his rubber dam kit and how he uses it for clinical cases.

Aims and objectives:

  • An introduction to the rubber dam kit
  • Gain an insight into different elements of the kit
  • Gain an overview of isolation tips

Rubber dam - demonstration - Dr. Alessandro Conti

In this video, Dr. Alessandro Conti demonstrates rubber dam kit.

Aims and objectives:

  • Understand how to best use rubber dam
  • How to achieve a good rubber dam position via a hands-on demonstration on a typodont model

60 tips in 60 minutes - 60 practice tips for real everyday dentistry. Part 1. Isolation - Dr. Thomas Taha

In this video, Dr. Thomas Taha details 20 tips on isolation.

Aims and objectives:

  • Learn 20 tips on isolation, taking into consideration:
  • Rubber dam choice, rubber dam punch guides, rubber dam clamp choice
  • Inversion tips, floss ties
  • Patient airway
  • Assessing and recording occlusion, when the dam is on
  • Photography during rubber dam procedures
  • Special clamps for the posterior, the double matrix technique, tips on clampless isolation, choice of soft clamps
  • Split dam technique, tips on avoiding adjacent teeth damage, trimming of flash and further tips with blades
  • Tips on cementation under rubber dam, tips on deep margin acquisition, using the Brinker clamp and tips on isolation around bridges

Isolation, basics and beyond - Dr’s. Dhru Shah, Gurvinder Bhirth, Elaine Mo, Nikhil Sethi, Riaz Yar Sanjay Sethi and Stephane Browet

In this video the panel, Dr’s. Dhru Shah, Gurvinder Bhirth, Elaine Mo, Nikhil Sethi, Riaz Yar Sanjay Sethi and Stephane Browet, discuss isolation.

Aims and objectives:

  • Understand the basics of rubber dam placement
  • Material selection and choice of clamps
  • Learn isolation tips for deep and tricky cavities
  • The benefits of floss ties, and Teflon tape use

Protrusive Dental Podcast #26 - Rubber dam isolation - Dr. Harmeet Grewal

In this episode of Protrusive Dental Podcast, Dr. Harmeet Grewal discusses the uses, benefits and nuances of rubber dam isolation.

Aims and objectives:

  • Understand the benefits of rubber dam isolation
  • How to implement rubber dam isolation into your daily workflow
  • How to overcome common practical challenges with rubber dam isolation
  • How rubber dam reduces stress and improves the quality of your work
  • Reducing ballistic droplet spread of viruses, AKA the cough
  • How to talk to patients about rubber dam - your mindset about rubber dam will affect your success rate, and the patient experience of rubber dam
  • Are we rubber dam police? No – sometimes rubber dam can be a hindrance!
  • Which rubber dam to use?
  • IsoVac vs rubber dam
  • Harmeet shows some useful clamps for molars
  • Learn some top hacks for rubber dam

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156 mins CPD/CE