In this series, a prosthodontist, an endodontist and a periodontist provide examples of 3 cases in the aesthetic zone where a decision was considered on whether to save or extract teeth. They then proceed to explain how they managed the situations

Case 1. Prosthodontic case presented by Dr. Kavit Shah

Aims and objectives

  • By the aim of this case presentation, understand the situation of carious roots and what factors to take into account when aiming to save or extract from a multidisciplinary viewpoint
  • If extracting, considering what factors were taken into account for implantation and whether to immediate or delayed

Case 2. Periodontal case presented by Dr Rajiv Patel

Aims and Objectives

  • Understanding from this case, the challenges of a diastema and managing diastema
  • Understanding how our knowledge of periodontitis and relation to implants fits in
  • Understanding how periodontal treatment can affect outcome

Case 2. Endodontic case presented by Dr Daniel Flynn

Aims and Objectives

  • By way of a case example understand the indications of when endodontic microsurgery would be useful
  • Understanding the role of CBCT scanning and the information to get from the CBCT – size, extent and the position of the lesion
  • Understand the role of treatment options and alternatives

3 videos
90 mins CPD/CE