This 5 part series was filmed at the Megagen 5th European Symposium at the Westminster Park Plaza in 2016.

Biological response to implant therapies - Dr. Ashraf Souayah

Aims and objectives:

  • Learn the rules of good cosmetic outcomes in implant therapy
  • The esthetic parameters to assess for positive outcomes
  • The classification of extraction sites and how to develop soft and hard tissue in implant sites
  • The importance of site development and how to achieve this
  • Minimum soft tissue parameters
  • Tips on management of the narrow extraction sites in the anterior zone

Soft tissue and site maturation - Dr's. Souheil Bechara and Davide Faranato

Aims and objectives:

  • Understand the importance of buccal bone and its width
  • Does buccal bone width affect bone resorption?
  • Understand the role of soft tissue, and the importance of Phenotype, over and above biotype
  • The importance of thinking out of the box – to use soft tissue to increase the buccal tissue when patients do not want bone grafting
  • An insight into phenotype, the source of soft tissue donor

The biology of bone grafting - Dr.'s. Micheal Larrson and Julian Filipov

Aims and objectives:

  • What surgical material to use
  • What biomaterial to use
  • How long do we wait before choosing our implant
  • A comparison of various bone regenerating mechanisms and techniques
  • An overview of what determines success in hard tissue grafting
  • Understand the limitations of grafting

Preserving soft and hard tissue  - Dr. Souheil Bechara

Aims and objectives:

  • Understand hard and soft tissue management in immediate placement
  • The principles of immediate loading
  • The importance of soft tissue support during healing

Summary, questions and close of the symposium - Dr’s. Achraf Souayah, Davide Farronato, Julian Filipov, Michael Larrson and Souheil Bechara

Aims and objectives:

  • Summary and closing of the symposium - question and answer session

5 videos
121 mins CPD/CE