This is the first of a series of seven videos on various aspects of aesthetic dentistry. The team of Style Italiano - Dr Walter DeVoto and Angelo Putignano provide a series of lectures on how to create aesthetic solutions in dentistry predictably and with the element of reproducibly.

Aims and objectives

  • Understand the importance of the tooth anatomy and what factors determine the outcome for these
  • Understand the importance of colour, translucency and opalescence and what factors determine these
  • Understand limitations of the vita shade guide and other shade guides and how a custom shade guide can be developed
  • Understand the proportion of dentine and enamel thicknesses to create restorations and how these relate to hue value and chroma
  •  Understand a philosophy and techniques for creating reproducible and repeatable aesthetic dentistry
  • Understand layering techniques
  • Understand the Misura instrument to get great enamel aesthetics
  • Understand new tips on shade guides
  • Understand tips on building enamel shades in a predictable way.
  • Understand smilelign the technology to photograph using your phones to create images and communication with the technician.
  • Understand the process of adhesion
  • Understand how adhesion differs in enamel and dentine related to their structure
  • Understand how adhesion works with composite restorations and also for indirect restorations
  • Understand failure of adhesion and how to minimise this
  • Understand how excellent composite restorations can result in acceptable aesthetic outcomes
  • Understand tips on temporising and definitively restoring endodontically treated teeth to provide aesthetic outcomes
  • Understand using composite in various situations to provide affordable aesthetic outcomes for patients
  • Understand the role of bleaching in conservative aesthetic dentistry.
  • Understand the techniques of internal and external bleaching.
  • Understanding indirect composite veneers.
  • Understanding evidence for indirect aesthetic treatments.
  • Understanding the future of aesthetic conservative dentistry
7 videos
285 mins CPD/CE