In this video, recorded at the 2nd DentinalTubules Annual Global Congress October 2018, Professor Simon Wright provides an insightful lecture on the topic of human factors. Every single dental professional would be impacted by human factors and mitigating these to improve our outcomes and reduce errors is important for patient care and safety. Professor Wright delves into this topic, with a particular focus on implant dentistry. 

Human factors in dentistry: Reducing litigation - Professor Simon Wright

Aims and objectives:

  • Gain an overview, how human factors can affect outcomes and result in errors in surgery, and the impact of patient care and safety
  • Examples of the complications and adverse outcomes that can arise due to human factors, and the impact on patient care and safety
  • Gain an understanding of the strategies that can be applied to reduce human factors
  • Understand the barriers to applying the strategies to reduce the impact of human factors

1 videos
75 mins CPD/CE