This series of 6 videos were filmed at the DentinalTubules Annual Global Congress October 2019.

The three amigos: Management of dental trauma - the good, the bad, the ugly 

The good - Improving dental trauma outcomes - Dr. Beth Burns

Aims and objectives:

  • What is a positive outcome in managing dental trauma for the patient, for the dentist and for the teeth?
  • What are the factors that affect the outcome?
  • What questions, and information, to obtain when a dental trauma patient calls the practice, and a useful guide of questions for the dental triage/reception team, in order to allow for decisions, on when to see the patient, and when to refer
  • An overview of the history taking and examination procedure for the trauma patient
  • How to formulate a plan for a trauma patient
  • Tips on splinting
  • An overview of how to manage early intervention in these cases
  • When to carry out pulp treatment and objectives of pulp therapy
  • How to minimise injuries

The bad - The endodontic sequelae - Dr. James Darcey

Aims and objectives:

  • The endodontic sequelae
  • When to conduct root canal therapy
  • The endodontic complications including pulp canal obliteration, resorption and necrosis and their management
  • The types of resorption

The ugly - Management of traumatised teeth with poor prognosis - Dr. Serpil Djemal

Aims and objectives:

  • Discussing the cases of trauma, where poor prognosis of teeth is expected
  • The treatment options for managing cases, where traumatised dentition would not be restorable
  • The options of Maryland bridge with underlying root retention are discussed. Would this preserve the bone?
  • Infraoccluded teeth are discussed, including the level of infraocclusion and the management options (with a particular focus on decoronation)

What the GDP needs to know about immediate implants - Dr. Robert Oretti

Aims and objectives:

  • Understand when immediate implants are appropriate
  • Understand the benefits of immediate implants to the patient
  • Gain an overview of the indications of such procedures for the patient
  • Gain an overview of what are the risks to the patient
  • The criteria for this procedure

Tips and tricks for predictable anterior composites - Dr. Gurvinder Bhirth

Aims and objectives:

  • Tips and tricks for anterior predictable composites
  • Tips on occlusion, shade taking, rubber dam, preparation, bonding, layering, finishing and polishing
  • Key focus areas will cover tips on photography, shade taking, marginal masking, layering, matrices and contact points, morphology, finishing and polishing
  • Understand hue, value and chroma and the various factors that can affect the shade taking
  • Understand the layering approach and tips on building each layer
  • Tips on anterior morphology

All great dentists have mentors - and some have mentees - Dr's. Finlay Sutton and John Besford

Aims and objectives:

  • Understand and gain an insight into how a mentor and a mentee work together
  • How to identify the patient's objectives and gain tips on how to best obtain this information, from the patient during history taking, in order to co-produce treatment objectives, and a treatment plan, that is suitable for all involved
  • Understand the stages involved in a wax rim try in
  • Understand how Dr. Sutton found various mentors during his journey to excellence, how he learnt from his challenges, and how the relationship between himself and Dr. Besford developed as a mentor-mentee relationship

Occlusion 911: Please state the nature of your emergency - Dr. Michael melkers

Aims and objectives:

  • Understand what the "dots" mean when we record occlusion after placing restorations
  • The difference between load and shear forces
  • Understand what causes restorations or teeth to fracture
  • Gain an understanding of what records to take to record the occlusion, during placement or cementation of a restoration
  • Understand forces on teeth and how posterior disclusion, canine guidance and anterior guidance reduce forces on the teeth

An interview with Professor Markus Blatz discussing zirconia - Professor Markus Blatz

Aims and objectives:

  • Understand ceramics and zirconia, and gain an insight into the pros and cons of these materials
  • Gain an overview of bonding protocols
  • Application of the material in complete coverage restorations, as well as zirconia resin-bonded bridges

6 videos
370 mins CPD/CE