Dr’s. Finlay Sutton and John Besford, recorded at the 3rd DentinalTubules Annual Global Congress October 2019 present this fact-filled, light-hearted lecture, covering many aspects of the mentor and mentee relationships.

All great dentists have mentors - and some have mentees - Dr’s. Finlay Sutton and John Besford

Aims and objectives:

  • Understand and gain an insight into how a mentor and a mentee work together
  • How to identify the patient's objectives and gain tips on how to best obtain this information, from the patient during history taking, in order to co-produce treatment objectives, and a treatment plan, that is suitable for all involved
  • Understand the stages involved in a wax rim try in
  • Understand how Dr. Sutton found various mentors during his journey to excellence, how he learnt from his challenges, and how the relationship between himself and Dr. Besford developed as a mentor-mentee relationship
1 videos
60 mins CPD/CE