In this TubulesLive, Dr. Claire Burgess details the Bioclear method. The Bioclear method offers a unique and cutting edge alternative to traditional direct composite restorations. It introduces the use of ‘injection moulding’ composite placement techniques with the use of the anatomic Bioclear matrix system.

Background: direct composites are underappreciated in today’s world of implants and computer-assisted ceramics. Posterior tooth preparations have not been reinvented since the 1890 G V Black models. With those preparations no longer having a place in today’s composite dentistry. Dentist and inventor Dr. David Clark founded Bioclear in 2007. Creating a new system for a modern approach to restorative dentistry. The Bioclear method provides the latest, most progressive products and techniques, evolved from the traditional preparations, and anatomical matrix systems, for anterior and posterior composite restorations. The method gives dentists the tools and equipment to allow for longer lasting, stronger, and aesthetically superior composites.

Aims and objectives:

  • Understand the background of the Bioclear method 
  • The importance of biofilm removal
  • Receive an update and evaluation of modern matrices, wedges and separators
  • Discover heated composite and how best to combine flowable and liquefied paste composites (injection moulding technique) to produce monolithic composite
  • Understand the Clark 2-step polish technique
  • Solutions to avoid the most common mistakes, that lead to less than satisfactory results, when performing anterior and posterior composites

Part 1 - The Bioclear method in anterior teeth 

Part 2 - The Bioclear method in posterior teeth

2 videos
100 mins CPD/CE