The Biologically Oriented Preparation Technique is a paradigm shift in the management of soft tissue around natural teeth and implant prosthetics.

With accurate vertical preparations and provisionals, we can sculpt the ideal ‘landing zone’ to achieve stable and long-lasting restorations.

The aim of the lecture is to introduce this new concept, which is more than just a vertical preparation. The apical and coronal movement of tissue will be demonstrated defying conventional periodontal protocols.

The B.O.P.T. concept is an essential tool necessary for the aesthetic and functional rehabilitation in the aesthetic zone. Using this concept, tissue management is fast, predictable, and most importantly, stable.

In this TubulesLive, Dr. Aman Bharti discusses the Biologically Oriented Preparation Technique. This is a very useful presentation for everyone who undertakes preparation for full coverage restorations especially in the anterior region.

The Biologically Orientated Preparation Technique (BOPT) - Dr. Aman Bharti

Aims and objectives:

  • Gain an understanding of the biologically oriented preparation technique, taking into consideration:
  • Biological width and it’s modern-day applications
  • The vertiprep
  • Understand how to fabricate provisional restorations for the BOPT concept
  • Basic smile design and how BOPT is an essential tool in this process
  • Learn about the laboratory stages

1 videos
90 mins CPD/CE