Hosted by Dr. Dhru Shah, the panel will discuss COVID-19, answering current concerns of the dental profession.

Mr. Jonathan Collier: Consultant oral & craniomaxillofacial surgeon - Chelsea & Westminster Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Dr. Sophie Collier: Consultant in clinical microbiology and deputy medical education lead - The Royal Free Hospital

Dr. Adrian Shields: Clinical lecturer in immunology - University of Birmingham

Matthew Judson: Director, respiratory and technical support at JSP Ltd

Dr. Adeel Khan: Specialty doctor in oral and maxillofacial surgery – East Sussex Healthcare Trust

Jo. Russell: CQC registered manager and infection control lead

Dr. Neil Du Preez: Private dental practitioner

Microbiology, epidemiology, immunology - So what - Implications for dentistry - Panel hosted by Dr. Dhru Shah 

Aims and objectives:

Through discussion gain an overview of COVID-19, taking into consideration:

  • What is the Coronavirus - an introduction to understanding the virus, covering: structure and how it causes pathology
  • Understand epidemiology - what is an epidemic, what is a pandemic and why this situation has arisen
  • What are its routes of transmission and why is this relevant in dentistry
  • What are the signs and symptoms, why is there an incubation period
  • What are the risks in dentistry - what is an aerosol generating procedure (AGP)
  • Is there any evidence, or research, on the distance aerosol can travel
  • How can we reduce risk including personal protective equipment (PPE): what is the ideal PPE, donning and doffing, what are the different types of masks, gowns etc
  • Handwashing - its relevance and importance
  • What are you doing in your surgical departments now and what is your advice to dental practices
  • What are long term uncertainties and what things should we be looking at
  • Will this change the way we practice?
1 videos
240 mins CPD/CE