In this series of 3 parts, Hannah Morgan talks about the employee lifecycle.

Part 1.  Recruitment, Selection and Offer of employment

‚ÄčAims and objectives of Part 1

  • An understanding of alternatives to recruiting new staff
  • An overview of creating a job description and the process for recruitment
  • Tips on attracting the right person for the job
  • An overview and tips on conducting a legally acceptable interview
  • An overview of the main aspects of the contract of employment and when it should be issued
  • An overview of what to do if terms in a contract need to be changed 

Part 2. Induction and reward

Aims and objectives of Part 2

  • Understanding how the employee is looked after from the day of start through the induction period
  • Understand the necessary processes for the employee to allow for a smooth induction process
  • Understand your requirements as an employer
  • Understand rewards and how you manage this in order to motivate staff
  • Gain an insight into financial reward management and tips on how to avoid a chaotic pay structure

Part 3. Exiting or leaving a company

Aims and objectives of Part 3

  • Gain an insight into why employees may leave
  • Understand the role of the exit interview and it's benefits to the employer
  • Gain an understanding about references and what is advisable to write on a reference request and what is not advisable

3 videos
30 mins CPD/CE