In this TubulesLive Dr. Kreena Patel presents: the endodontic management of cracked teeth. Here you will gain an understanding on how to assess and manage teeth with cracks. This has been a growing concern, especially during the pandemic, and as you see more patients with cracked teeth, the management principles in this talk will be beneficial for you.

Aims and objectives:

Gain an understanding of how to access and manage teeth with cracks, taking into consideration:

  • A review of the aetiology of cracks
  • How to diagnose teeth with cracks
  • How to investigate the restorability of cracked teeth
  • Explore the management of vital, and non-vital, teeth with cracks, with a focus on the endodontic management
  • How to manage patient expectations when treating cracked teeth
  • Review of the current evidence 

1 videos
90 mins CPD/CE