In this series of 4 videos, Dr Mishal Sachdev and Dr Nik Pandya talk about the role of periodontology in saving teeth for the long term.

Overall aims and objectives of the lecture series

  • Understand systems of assigning periodontal tooth prognosis
  • Be able to ascertain which teeth to attempt to save
  • Consider advanced treatment options to help prolong teeth lifespan
  • Be able to see how this fits in the context of a comprehensive treatment plan

Part 1 covers the scope of the problem and why periodontology is a growing issue for the future, The importance of periodontal record keeping and the pathogenesis of periodontal disease - including the use of BPE as a screening tool and identifying cases the need referral

Part 2 covers statistics on the growing problem of periodontology in the population, the role of plaque and the inflammatory process, the host susceptibility and a overview of risk factors involved in periodontitis, the overview of initial treatment including a discussion of the role of manual vs electric toothbrushes and interdental cleaning aids.

Part 3  covers the use of mouthwashes and effectiveness of chemical plaque control, the role of antimicrobial treatment - locally delivered and systemically delivered and examples of clinical cases involving various modes of periodontal treatment to assess long-term prognosis

Part 4  covers a variety of clinical cases to understand how to incorporate risk factors into assigning prognosis for teeth and for treatment planning in periodontologyI

4 videos
100 mins CPD/CE