This series is applicable to everyone in the dental team, especially dentists and hygienists - it aims to redeem the enthusiasm and engagement with a part of dentistry that is fundamental for every patient we see. Periodontal care forms the foundation for patient success in all ways. Periodontal care is part of the basics. Many people find it boring or monotonous but when you understand it, not only does it get interesting, it gets dynamic, enthralling, and a critical part of your everyday dentistry.

And who else to bring that energy and redemption for you than the speakers in this series. We introduce Dr. Hiten Halai and Dr. Azim Malik – Specialists Periodontists – who ply their trade in the UK in private practice. They are also the founders of the EduDent Academy.

Periodontal management of patients is at the foundation of everything that is done, and we will take you through the periodontal patient journey.

This series will cover:

  • Part 1. The new periodontal classification system explained in a much more simple, dynamic way and the new BSP S3 treatment guidelines for periodontal management of patients
  • Part 2. A real detailed insight into hand instrumentation. The kind of detail you will not have seen before on any other platform
  • Part 3. An overview of periodontal - restorative considerations, the options for management of furcations in periodontal restorative considerations, and the management of perio-endo lesions 
  • Part 4. A whole final part dedicated to crown lengthening

Periodontal redemption it is. 

Dentists, hygienists, therapists and dental nurses – you are all going to enjoy this one...

4 videos
240 mins CPD/CE