Hosted by Dr. Zak Kara – Drs. Angela Auluck, Dev Patel, Jay Joshi, Jayesh Patel, Joe Bhat, Monder M. Zbaeda, Paaras Dhanani, Patricia Szymczak and Rishi Patel discuss the practice owners’ perspective: the next chapter.

Aims and objectives:

Gain an understanding of the practice owners’ perspective: the next chapter, taking into consideration:

  • Confusion, uncertainty, frustration, anxiety, denial, grief, anger, expectations, opportunity
  • The business owner: macro-managed, fixed costs, negative revenue, cash flow, rateable value, contingency plans, business model, development, investment
  • New business owner: huge overheads, loans, financial instability, CBIL scheme, payment holidays
  • The team: redundancies, furlough-job retention scheme, motivation, morale, reflection, well-being, communication, cohesion
  • Immediate actions: business insurance, intention to claim, resistance of the companies, assessor, CBIL scheme, rise in premiums
  • Associates/Colleagues: NHS, redeployment, self-employed, contingency fund, payment holidays, cash flow, security, values, transparency, reciprocal approach, practice linchpin
  • Practice valuations: purchase, sale, market value, protection
  • Present COVID-19: refocus, reflection, re-evaluation, revelations
  • Emergency dental care: lack of patient provision, virtual triage, AAA, UDC centres, demand post lockdown
  • Post COVID-19: NHS, Private, referrals, increased costs, strategy, reprogramme - reset and reinvent, furloughed employees, task allocation, flexibility

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120 mins CPD/CE