In this trilogy of lectures, Dr Sham Shamsi covers 3 important topics to help minimise your risk to patient complaints and patient litigation. 

Lecture 1. Recording Keeping. How to stay out of trouble

Aims & Objectives

• To look at what constitutes the essential components of dental record keeping

• To highlight the importance of well-organised dental records which will aid continuity of care and ensure good practice.

• To reduce the risk of harm to patients by ensuring all the relevant information has been recorded

• Contribute to clinical care and correct sequencing of treatment through effective record keeping.

• To highlight the importance of accurate and up-to-date dental records for both patient care and professional defence thus reducing the risk of receiving a complaint due to poor record keeping

Learning Outcomes

• To understand the importance of good clinical record keeping

• To recognise the Legislation behind record keeping

• To be able to Quality Assure our Record Keeping requirements through a process of effective audit

• To be able to produce dental records efficiently and in sufficient detail

• Avoiding the common pitfalls encountered in record keeping

• To recognise ‘Good Records lead to a Good Defence, Poor records lead to a Poor Defence’

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Lecture 2. Complaints. Why me! Who is the other victim?

Aims & Objectives

• Why do complaints happen?

• What can I do to avoid / minimise complaints?

• Team’s responsibility in approaching complaints

• To understand who the victims are in the process

• What does an Adverse outcome mean for everyone and how can this be managed?

Lecture 3. The GDC Process and the Registrant's journey through a FTP Hearing

Aims & Objectives

• To look at the functions of the GDC

• A look at the GGDC Standards

• Application of the Standards to Case scenarios

• To understand the functions of the different statutory bodies of the GDC

The registrant’s journey through a FTP hearing

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360 mins CPD/CE