The presentation will show you how to diagnose, plan and treat cases of altered passive eruption in a simple step by step protocol. It will take you from diagnosis with the aid of modern technology to the mock up to pre-visualize the possible result, to treatment with a view to all the possible variables.This is a very good series of lectures for those who find patients with "short tooth syndrome" and wish to deliver an aesthetic positive result. Dr Rossi will make the clinician understand the main concepts of an aesthetic smile and why they are important and explain these characteristics in detail. The lecture will have lots of very useful tips in those producing the ideal smile and how your periodontist can help. 

In Part 1 . In the first Part , Dr Rossi provides the theoretical classifications of APE and provides the importance characteristics of what makes an ideal smile. He provides a background of the important periodontal information that should be gained during an examination for aesthetic purposes He then provides the important steps in planning the aesthetics from a periodontal viewpoint and what special investigations the clinician must provide

Aims and Objectives of Part 1

  • Understand the classification of altered passive eruption
  • Understand the characteristics of an ideal smile
  • Understand the periodontal information to be gained to create an ideal smile
  • Understand the steps in planning aesthetics (from a periodontal viewpoint) and special investigations needed to get this

In Part 2.  Dr Rossi will show examples of clinical cases and how they were treated. He reiterates the knowledge and principles outlined in part 1 and shows how this is clinically applied. A very useful lecture series on those who carry out clinical aesthetic procedures and how important soft tissue management is

In this video Dr Rossi also shows an example of the STA device which administers local anaesthesia in a very gentle way for the patient. He shows the procedure which makes it very useful gentle for the patient

Aims and Objectives of Part 2

  • Understand how to plan and carry out soft tissue procedures for cases of altered passive eruption
  • Understand planning and communication with patients
  • Understand how the periodontist can create the beautiful smile
  • Understand how the STA device operates for good effective anaesthesia for patients

In Part 3 Dr Rossi shows cases of APE based upon the principles shown in the previous 2 parts. By viewing these cases the viewer will learn the practical ways in which to create a beautiful smile in cases of APE

In Part 4 , Dr Rossi shows a full live case of aesthetic crown lengthening in an altered passive eruption case

4 videos
60 mins CPD/CE