This hands on workshop was filmed at the IADI in San Diego in 2017

Part 1. Introduction. The role of root membrane within minimally invasive procedures

Aim and Objectives of Part 1

  • Understand the history of implants
  • Understand the goals and challenges in daily implant dentistry
  • Understand what minimally invasive means in implant surgery
  • Gain some thought on immediate vs conventional implants, immediate vs delayed loading, short implants and where it fits on the overall aims of implant surgery
  • An overview of what would we like from an ideal implant system
  • Techniques in minimally invasive implant surgery and options available
  • Advantages of the flapless techniques, indications and contraindications
  • The role of digital technologies and guided surgeries to enable this approach

Part 2. The root membrane concept, indications and technique

Aims and Objectives of Part 2

  • Understand how the root membrane technique and concept came about
  • Understand how it works
  • Understand the indications and contraindications of Root Membrane technique
  • A step by step approach to explain the technique
  • Presentation of the first 10-year case and the first video of Dr Schiorpa’s first case

Part 3. A literature overview

Aims and Objectives of Part 3

  • Literature review
  • An overview of the literature currently available for this technique explaining its limitations
  • The literature / papers of the team of Dr Mitsias are discussed
  • Clinical cases and showing complications that occurred in their experiences
  • Showing histology from the literature
  • Concerns
  • A discussion about what happens with an implant to root contact happens
  • An overview of a wide variety of cases from simple to multi implants where this technique has been used

Part 4. An overview of cases

Aims and Objectives of Part 4

  • An overview of cases for the root membrane technique are shown with various technical difficulties, and how they were managed
  • Dr Mitsias Miltiadis provides an audit of his 208 cases from 2007 to 2016 in this report

Part 5 abd 6,  Demonstration on a pig jaw

Aims and Objectives:

  • Learn about a practical demo of how to do the root membrane technique as demonstrated on a pig heads tooth.
  • Learn about the principles of this technique.

6 videos
260 mins CPD/CE