Welcome to this series on treatment planning.

Through this series, Dentinaltubules and Dr. Koray Feran will take you through the journey of a new patient from the initial consultation to presentation of the treatment plan. This process will cover in depth the art of information gathering, comprehensive communication, and consent while formulating the treatment plan. The process will be conducted using the philosophy and principles of Dr. Feran and his team at LCIAD. Dr. Feran and his team will show you the workflow of how they see a new patient, how the consultation process works, how the records and information are attained and how Dr. Feran uses this detailed information to create the communication and treatment planning for the patient as well as the consent. As part of this series, you will learn a lot about the kind of thinking processes that you can adopt to formulate complex treatment plans for patients. You will also learn how to break down the planning into specific, manageable steps so that you can get your desired outcomes.

Many times, you simply watch a video and passively take part and walk away. Knowledge is best retained when you are involved.

In this series, your involvement will be as important as the speaker’s involvement. Therefore, you will not only be learning about the process but actively participating in it too. As part of this exercise, you can download and print the attached workbook PDF entitled “The Treatment Planning Steps” and at each stage of the series, you will be filling in a part of the workbook as we walk through this case.


Who is this for?

This series is suitable for all team members and especially for those who want to improve and sharpen their treatment planning skills.

8 videos
555 mins CPD/CE