As the "Baby boomer generation" reaches retirement age, the implications for society are enormous. People are living longer, remaining healthier longer, keeping their teeth, and continue to have high expectations from the healthcare system. Despite some evidence of improving plaque control and lower levels of gingivitis and mild periodontitis, these demographic changes are resulting in increased severe periodontitis, particularly in the older population, in whom there appears to be an increase in both prevalence and incidence of periodontitis. These epidemiological shifts represent a growing challenge for the dental profession. The management of periodontitis in the older patient is often complicated by both their expectations, but also by increasing complexity of their medical histories, with many of these patients suffering from conditions or raking a wide range of medications that may have major influences on their periodontal health. Recognising these conditions may have important influences on the clinician's management of a patient with periodontal disease. In addition it is increasingly clear that Periodontitis is associated with a number of serious common medical conditions, including diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Whilst it is often difficult to assign causality to these associations the implications of them will be discussed and emphasis placed on achieving periodontal health as part of someones general health and well being.

Overall Aims and Objectives for this series

  • To discuss the particular periodontal problems associated with the older patient.

Specific Objectives for this series

  • To describe the demographic changes in the population and the epidemiology of periodontal disease in the ageing population.
  • To consider the impact of periodontitis on affected patients.
  • To discuss the impact of medical history on the presence and severity of periodontitis.
  • To discuss the practical implications on management of affected patients.
  • To describe the association of periodontal disease with systemic conditions and discuss the practical implications of this.

3 videos
60 mins CPD/CE