We are often presented with the challenge of preserving and saving endodontically and/or periodontally involved teeth. Making a prognostic decision is a challenging choice and extraction is not always the answer. In this lecture, Dr. Pertl details the various benefits of endodontic and periodontal treatment which can save, and show, the long-term success of teeth. Dr. Pertl explains and identifies factors, in some cases, where extraction and other treatment modalities, such as implants would be beneficial. Saving teeth or titanium – this lecture is very useful for treatment planning and decision making. Dr. Christof Pertl discusses the decision making, of teeth with questionable prognosis (periodontally and endodontically involved), and how this is influenced by our available treatment modalities. 

Tooth or titanium - which can be saved? - Dr. Christof Pertl

Aims and objectives:

  • Understand the role of decision making in periodontal and endodontic patients
  • Understand the long-term prognosis, importance and benefits of saving teeth in periodontal patients
  • Understand the long-term success of periodontal patients following treatment
  • Understand the long-term success of endodontic treatment
  • Understand the role of implant provision in treatment planning and the factors determining implant success and failure
  • Understand the choices for tooth retention vs implant provision

1 videos
42 mins CPD/CE