This playlist is a part of a workshop carried out by Dr Allesandro Conti in February 2017. Dr Conti provided insights into the use of microscopes and magnification in restorative dentistry and proceeded onto to show hands on elements of adhesive indirect and direct restorations. This playlist focuses on tooth preparations

Video 1. Refining tooth preparation margins

Dr Conti gives a demonstration of how he refines a tooth preparation in order to move the tooth preparation margin. This first video does not have CPD as it is short. 

Video 2. Tooth preparation for an anterior tooth

 In this video, Dr Conti gives a demonstration of an anterior tooth preparation for an incisal fracture AND preparation for any onlay cavity.

Dr Conti discusses and shows by demonstration video:

  • 1. How to prepare the buccal chamfer
  • 2. How to finish the interproximal margins
  • 3. How to finish the margins to ensure a nice smooth restoration to tooth margin to gain an aesthetic result for an anterior restoration.

He then discusses the steps for an onlay preparation for a molar

  • 1. Occlusal reduction
  • 2. How to get interproximal reduction
  • 3. Tips on getting good buccal and palatal reduction
  • 4. Tips on getting good finishing lines using microscopes

Aims and Objectives of video 2

  • 1. Learn the preparation steps to ensure smooth margins for an incisal fracture
  • 2. Learn the preparation steps for a posterior onlay cavity
2 videos
14 mins CPD/CE