In this video, recorded at the British Society of Restorative Dentistry (BSRD) Spring Scientific meeting 2017, Dr. Charles Goodacre discusses treatment planning - saving or extracting teeth can be a challenging decision, with various factors to be considered to include: survival rates, treatment fees and cost effectiveness, ethical considerations, approximation of the ideal, biological and mechanical factors, patient specific factors and other considerations.

Tooth retention through RCT or tooth replacement using implants or FPD's - Dr. Charles Goodacre

Aims and objectives:

  • Gain an overview of factors that are helpful in treatment planning for extracting or saving teeth
  • A comparison of dental implants vs endodontics
  • Success and survival rates of fixed partial dentures
  • Factors that lead to failure of fixed partial dentures
  • Considered treatment costs and ethical considerations
  • The benefits of maintaining teeth in terms of cost-effectiveness
  • The benefits of implants compared to fixed partial dentures
  • The role of periodontal biotype on success
  • Predictable papillae preservation and data
  • How to achieve papillae infill, and where to consider infill may not happen, especially in immediate implants
  • Multiple adjacent implants and the difficulty of regenerating papillae
  • Should teeth be treated periodontally or extracted and replaced with implants
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52 mins CPD/CE