By Uzair Janjua
Posted 17 June 2020 by Uzair Janjua
Last reply 17 June 2020

Hi guys, hope you're all well. 

I put together a 'google sheets' spread-sheet for our practice, for triaging and organising our pre and post assessment lists.

Its worked very well so far, and thought I'd share, hopefully its useful for you guys too. Our practice is a foundation training practice (I'm in my foundation year), so I'm not sure if logistically things might change in your practices, but I'm sure the principles are very similar.

Its really simple: everyone in the practice has access to the document, and can edit it. Theres also some 'filters' added to the pages to make it easy to sift through the data, ill show how to do that. It basically allows you to see just the 'high priority patients' for examples. 

Its helped us out a lot, and we've been able to put away those messy hand written tables! 

Any suggestions to make it better please do message me, its far from perfect but at least a starting point...