What do you do in hard times

Dr Dhru Shah

A new way of thinking about CPD

Dr Dhru Shah

How do you use compliance to enable growth?

Dhru Shah

What beyond fallow time and AGP?

Dhru Shah

What will the future thriving dentist and dental practice look like?

Dr Dhru Shah

Comply and die, or Grow and thrive?

Dr Dhru Shah

Do you do 'WHAT' CPD or 'HOW and WHY' CPD?

Dr Dhru Shah

You cannot mix NHS and Private dentistry

Dhru Shah

Back stage or front stage

Dr Dhru Shah

Is dentistry a labour economy or a knowledge economy?

Dr Dhru Shah

Dentistry Together


Launching something new for the whole dental profession

Dhru Shah and Zak Kara

TubulesLiveAid Day 6. Saturday 28th March 2020

Nicki Rowland, Juliana Rabbi, Chris Waith, Bhavin Bhatt, Riaz Yar

TubulesLiveAid Day 5. Friday 27th March 2020

Jemish Patel, Ashish Devi Singh, Timea Pintye and the Digital Nomads team

TubulesLiveAid Day 4. Thursday 26th March 2020

Alan Suggett, David Horne, Jane Lelean and Dan Fine

TubulesLiveAid Day 3. Wednesday 25th March 2020

Dhru Shah, Nikhil Sethi, Ken O Brien, Arun Mehra

TubulesLiveAid Day 2. Tuesday 24th March 2020

Justin Leigh, Munir Ravalia, Mark Oborn, Arun Mehra, Kevin Rose

TubulesLiveAid Day 1. Monday 23rd March 2020

Kevin Rose, David Horne, Jane Lelean, Barry Oulton, Zak Kara, Dhru Shah

COVID VLogs from users and their experiences


COVID-19 Information Sharing

Dhru Shah