At the end of the day...

By Dhru Shah
Monday November 23rd 2020

Last night I wrote about my sister in my upcoming book. A special bond we shared. As I wrote it, I broke down to bits. My eyes welled up. I had to stop writing and go to sleep. It took me down. This morning, I woke up still carrying that heavy emotion. 

Last week, I lost a periodontal friend in Kenya, a real gentleman, whose intellect was beyond many of us and with whom we both enthralled in good intelligent conversations. He was very young.

Today they announced his funeral service for tomorrow. I am reading his testimonials through social media. I swear I feel so damned sad. Like a wreck at sea.

Let me tell you all that life is short. It is such a fascinating journey that we all have to live and then we leave one day.

We all touch hearts, souls and minds and sometimes hearts, souls and minds touch us.

It wears us down, it tests us and it challenges us.

We hope to keep riding through it with a smile, serving others with tenacity, positivity and optimism.

What use are our conflicts, what use are our grievances, what use are our rivalries because at the end of our day, it is our hearts and souls and the ideas and memories that we leave behind that may enrich others and maybe, just maybe, bring a smile on someone's face?

Just remember that...


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