Because I care

By Dr Dhru Shah
Tuesday November 3rd 2020

When my patient walks in, they deserve my time, my attention and every inch of my mental and emotional focus. It isn't about me, it's about them. It means that I have to take my time to listen to them, to listen to their story, to listen to what is important to them, to listen to their values, to listen to why they sought me and the care I provide as a periodontist, and beyond that, to just listen.

I must listen, not to respond, but to listen for the reason for listening. This is not easy. It's tough. I give them my time because after I have listened, I explain and educate them about their condition in THEIR terms and explain to them to the level that they understand. Once they get a grasp of what periodontitis is, why their role in home care is important and what happens, they are on board. This takes a lot of time. A heck of a lot of time. In fact, if they have other pathology, other disease or conditions, I am obliged to speak to them until they feel satisfied. And even when I am tired after a long day, I will garner all my mental focus to deliver this.

Why? Because I care. I care not about me, but about them. I care about giving to them what they deserve. And if it means that it takes time so be it. Time costs. The price of running a dental practice under the current regulatory load, the price of keeping up my knowledge and my skill and my CPD, the price of my growth - all to serve the patient - this is not cheap. But, because I care, I will invest in my growth and I will give my patient all due time, care and attention and charge appropriately to cover these. It's the price we pay in today's world.

And I believe in this because I care. And I care because I am inspired to achieve my best for someone else. To achieve my best to give the patient the best.

Inspiration transcends me beyond money, it transcends me to make a difference in someone's quality of life and to make a difference in someone's well being. And I won't compromise on what I need to do to achieve that excellence. Because I care... Because I am inspired.


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