Contribution and giving back

By Dr Dhru Shah
Monday November 23rd 2020

I believe that beyond profit and finance, every person and organisation should contribute back to a bigger purpose and cause. I am beginning to make a conscious effort now to assess any company or product I work with to see what they are doing for the greater good of the world.

In 2017, Dentinaltubules made a commitment to contribute 3% of its GROSS income to the Tubules Foundation. I capitalise GROSS as that is a major commitment. It amounts to a huge aspect of any profit going to the Tubules Foundation.

The Tubules Foundation has been created to help little children around the world have access to education in areas where education is hard to attain, teachers hard to get or just educational facilities being hard to access.

This concept has faced it's ups and downs and resistance from many people. It is made it difficult for us at times to remain sustainable and sometimes we have been slow to keep that payment. We have had people leave us for not being ideal in our purpose but we continue to do our best.

As of August 2020, DentinalTubules has committed in excess of £60,000.00 to the Tubules Foundation and our first project is proceeding well.

Our Tubules Foundation library being built in Mwanyambo Primary School in Voi, Kenya will serve the needs of over 1500 students in the school, some of whom are special needs. The library will not be just a traditional library but one that has a high tech IT suite too. These students who could not get books will have access to our DentinalTubules livestreaming tech to gain education as well as books. 

Our vision is to build 10 schools worldwide that serve this purpose.

So next time you want to cancel your DentinalTubules membership, consider what impact this has not just on DentinalTubules offering to the profession but also what impact it has on the Foundation.

Here are some photos for you to slideshow through


Some of the students at Mwanyambo school


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