Do the courses work?

By Dr Dhru Shah
Friday November 20th 2020

So I wrote about the dearth of education and courses - if you want to read that click here.  Let's turn that around to the delegate now. Imagine you are a delegate who has been on lots of courses. Imagine you took full advantage of the education that is available in dentistry and did everything you could to gain all the dental clinical and technical knowledge.

Yet you return to practice and find that you:

  1. Cannot apply everything that you learnt.
  2. Are still on the same treadmill.
  3. Cannot find a job that will enable you to achieve what you want.
  4. You feel underpaid or unfulfilled.
  5. You cannot compare to the Instagram standards that you see.

You just want a happy life where you can do the best for your patients. You feel that you want to do this, but the courses have not helped. You hear about the risk of litigation, the patient complaints, the regulator - and you think that this profession is not worth it?

You feel unfulfilled, you feel uninspired?

So you turn to an easy win - sales and marketing the straightening of teeth and you hear about those success stories. 

Do you think it is time to re-evaluate the learning you are doing? Do you think it is time for our educators to revisit what is being taught? Do you think it is time for a new type of course to emerge?

Do you think that your 'success' in dentistry (whatever the version of success is) will come from learning something different - learning about you, your values, your strengths, your weaknesses... maybe a new approach is needed?

Maximising your potential to thrive only comes when you know your inspiration...

And inspiration only comes when you know yourself. Perhaps it's time to go on courses that focus on your personal development, and that help you discover your strengths, your values and your inspirations?


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