How do I apply for the head dental nurse course level 4 qualification

By Dentinaltubules
Monday February 7th 2022

Scholarships available for the head dental nurse level 4 qualification

Before we tell you about how to apply for the level 4 qualification. Here is some super news.

SPARK will provide scholarships for 5 nurses to complete the level 4 qualification.

How to apply for the scholarship?

1. Submit the workbook before 15th June 2022

2. Winners will be announced on TubulesLive.on 15th July 2022 via a draw.

3. Selected winners will complete their in-person day at the dentinaltubules congress on Thursday October 6 2022

The winners will be announced on TubulesLive. To view this live, you can register at this link at If you were interested in the level 4 qualification, this is your chance!

For more information, keep reading.....

How do I apply for the head dental nurse level 4 qualification. 

Thank you for your interest in the head dental nurse level 4 qualification. 

Here are a few questions, before you begin

1.  For the dental nurse : do you feel you are capable of achieving so much more and have much greater potential that what you are doing now?

2. For the employers :  are you currently finding it difficult to recruit dental nurses?  Are you looking for team members who are proactive and multiskilled to operate as part of your unique team?

What are the benefits of this qualification

For the dental nurse: 

  1. A unique qualification not provided by any other provider in the industry at the time of its release. Therefore completing this will make you stand out when looking for work and make you more marketable
  2. The course delivers unique knowledge and skill on topics that go above and beyond clinical competence only. They provide you with information and a stepping stone to a higher engagement level at work.
  3. The knowledge and skills you gain, can be used in any sphere of your life. They are universally applicable.
  4. Career opportunities within the dentinaltubules network. Dentinaltubules is often looking for dental nurses who have achieved additional training to work within its network. 

For the employer hiring or having a dental nurse with this qualification

1.  You will be have someone on your team with the knowledge and skill to go beyond just clinical competence

2. You will have a team member who can apply these skills to lead and enhance the morale for the rest of the team. 

3.  You can turn potential into practical. 

4. You can use the qualification as evidence in applying for the upcoming Dentinaltubules Premium Practice Accreditation

So does that sound like something you want? if so read on...

How do you gain the qualification? 

The process works in 2 stages

Stage 1

First you will have to complete all the 19 online modules of the head nurse course on  and also complete the accompanying workbook at the same time.
These are available at and the workbook can also be downloaded there within each individual page.

In order to access and complete these modules, you will need to be a dentinaltubules member. You may already be a member through your practice membership. If you are not, the fee for dental nurses is 28.00 per year. 

The fee has many benefits other than the head nurse course, you will get access to their entire CPD library (all other CPD courses) and PDP as well to meet your enhanced CPD GDC requirements. 

Once you have completed the modules and the workbook, you can submit this to us as follows:

Postal submission :  You can print the CPD certificates and post these with the completed workbook to the following address at "the dental nurse level 4" , 41 Bateson Drive,  Leavesden, WD25 7ND. 

Electronic submission: You can email the scan of your workbook and the PDFs of your CPD certificates to together with your Dentinaltubules username

This will be assessed by our assessing team. You will either get feedback to improve certain aspects of the workbook or you will be given a pass to move onto stage 2. 

Once the pass has been provided, you will move onto stage 2.

Stage 2

Once the submission is completed and you receive the pass, you can enroll onto the qualification programme. The qualification programme is delivered independently via iSpark and the qualification will be given by Eduqual.

The  qualification programme will feature a classroom day and an exit test on the same day.

The classroom day will be either face to face physically or it may be delivered via an online portal like zoom. The classroom day will take into account your reflections in the workbook and be delivered to your needs.

A classroom day would need a minimum of 15 delegates , so once 15 workbooks have been submitted, you will be informed of the forthcoming dates this aspect of the course.

Please be aware their maybe a wait for this, therefore it is sensible to try to encourage your colleagues to join in.

The fee for booking into the classroom day, and for us to submit your application to the awarding body for the qualification will be 450.00. Payment options will be provided.

Once you complete stage 1, you have up to 2 years to complete stage 2.  If the two years are passed, you may need to do the stage 1 process again and resubmit your application.

Upon completion of stage 2, your name will be sent onto the awarding body, Eduqual who will provide the completed qualification.

When this is complete, your will be celebrating your position as a level 4 head dental nurse qualified

So go on and apply now.

Become who you are meant to be....unravel your potential


If you have any questions about the qualification, do enter them into the comments box below and our team will endeavour to answer them



Is there a written test at stage 2


Hi Paula. In it's current format, it will not be written but a face to face


I would like to apply for the qualification for head dental nurse


Dear Paula. Please send your workbook in

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