I am tired

By Dr Dhru Shah
Thursday November 19th 2020

I feel tired ...

Tired of listening to the constant bickering across channels and groups.

Tired of the constant battle between practice owners and associates.

Tired of the constant tirade of negative complaints against organisations and movements, that are doing their utmost, in their limited capacity, to make change.

Tired of hearing about the imperfections of everything.

Tired of hearing about what the CDO didn't do or did do. What the GDC and CQC did or didn't do.

Tired of the NHS vs private battle.

Tired of the arguments between people on why they did some procedure or why they didn't do this or that.

Tired of people complaining about a system that doesn't serve, or a litigious culture of whatever...

If you don't like it, either make a stance to change it or find something else.

And when you make the change, remember - none of this is about you or me...this is about the care of another human being who places their trust in us...we call that human a patient.

Can't we all just get along for once - and work together to serve our patients?

Perhaps I just need a breathe ...
Perhaps I won't stop because my passion is to inspire everyone to grow to be their best.

What can you suggest we do, to come together as an inspired profession?

It's tough for everyone. All of us are under pressure, let's be kind, compassionate and encouraging and let's come out with stuff that 

1. Inspires people even in difficult times

2. Gives people faith and positivity in these times

3. Brings people together in these times

That's what we have been doing with TubulesLive for the last 9 months. We will continue doing this



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