Inspired learning

By Dr Dhru Shah
Wednesday November 4th 2020

We only act because of two drivers - to move away from pain or to move towards pleasure .

You normally engage in cpd either because you want to avoid the pain of a cqc or GDC sanction or because you want to engage in genuine learning to improve , grow and maximise your chance of success.

It could be a bit of both

You learn because you want to grow

You want to grow because either you want to evolve beyond something that is causing you pain or discomfort or because you truly care about something

You truly care because you are passionate and inspired and are driven by a purpose

Being driven by a purpose is best done when it involves contribution and serving another

That inspires you

Only then do you do learning to grow because you are inspired because you care

Find something you care about. You will automatically spend time learning about it for hours daily. You'll watch videos, you'll read books, you'll immerse in conversations

Until then learning will simply be a pain ...

How do you make dentistry something that you care about ?


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