It has been a challenging year but do not give up

By Dhru Shah
Friday December 11th 2020

I have shared this talk before but I do so again.

Some of you have seen it before, some of you may not have and some may benefit from watching it again. 2020 has been a difficult and challenging year for some.
For others it has been an overwhelming year.
For some it has been a positive year filled with opportunities.

However there is one thing never to forget - stay true to your purpose, stay true to your vision and don't GIVE UP.

I did this talk in 2019 to an audience at the DentinalTubules directors day.

If you feel that you or your team are stressed, drained, tired, overwhelmed or close to giving up then I hope that this talk can give you the inspiration, the impetus and the zest to reclaim some of that hope and positivity.

Keep going, never give up. 

If you enjoy this talk and wish to empower yourself for 2021, I will do a follow up talk about how to inspire yourself and set inspiring targets for 2021. You can register for that FOR FREE at


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