Leadership in dentistry?

By Dr Dhru Shah
Sunday November 22nd 2020

The COVID crisis has shown one thing clearly in the UK dental sector - there is a genuine lack of leadership within dentistry.

Leadership happens when there is a vision. People get behind a single, coherent vision. A leader rallies the troops and they also own that vision.

In dentistry, I see too many different interests:

One person's vision is about delivering the best level care with no compromise but feels that the NHS can't fund it.

Another's vision is to deliver the best level care with no compromise but wanting the NHS to fund it with its limited funds.

Another person's vision is to achieve business success to thrive and create a booming practice.

Another person's vision is to use dentistry as a way to have a happy and healthy life.

Another person's vision is to be a cosmetic dentist and deliver smiles.

Another's vision is to become, or deliver, how to become a platinum status provider.

Another's vision is to find an alternative career.

Another's vision is to form the best education academy on the planet.

And eventually, with so much variability how can we have the kind of leadership we need, to combine all these visions?

Ultimately though dentistry is about one thing, and one thing only. Delivering the best level care we can for another human being in the circumstances and limitations of our environment.

Our personal glory, our personal gain, our own financial gain, our own needs are a consequence of this.

If you can win the trust of a patient, if you can show them you truly care, then the rest comes together.

The business owner then creates a culture that drives and respects the entire team to that vision.
The educator creates education that is about helping the dentistry achieve that vision.
The team come together to achieve this.

Is that a good enough vision to bring together everyone under a leadership?

Only when everyone is inspired by a vision, do they truly care to come together.

Our vision at DentinalTubules was very clear. It is imbibed in our tag line "Inspire Grow Thrive TOGETHER".

1. We want people to be inspired, to truly care about what they do so that they can form inspired goals
2. If they are inspired, they'll truly care to spend the time and resources to grow to their goals
3. It's only then they'll maximise their potential to thrive and therefore give back

We have brought together about 45000 members worldwide. We continue to strive to achieve our vision.
Our values, our purpose and our mission is clear.

But what about dentistry -
What should be our inspired vision for dentistry?

If you are a practice owner what is your vision to serve?

If you are an educator what is your vision?

If you are an associate what is your vision?

How will it serve the big picture?



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