People are the MOST important part

By Dhru Shah
Thursday November 26th 2020

Ultimately, dentistry is a small business in terms of how the economy works. It is definitely NOT a large corporation and falls in the remit of SMEs.

Small businesses are today faced with a large bureaucratic overload, the net profit is falling, and in essence, the financial model is not easy to maintain. Costs are rising.

This is the same case in the dental practice. If any practice owner thinks that is untrue, I am happy to be challenged.

Now there are somethings where money is the answer - buy a product - you have a price for it and you have to pay it. You cannot emotionally convince or fulfil the product. It is a product.

However, one thing I have noticed in small businesses is that there is one resource that is so key to its success. Its people. The goodwill of the people in small businesses will enable its success or failure.

In big corporations, if someone commits more time, they are paid more. Big corporations perhaps have greater access to funding. It's a simple transactional process. There is a much-reduced attachment to the vision, as deeply as there should be. This is an issue but not for this blog. 

In small businesses, with the growing pressure on the cost base, increasing the pay has a finite limit. This is NOT to say don't pay fairly, NOR is it to take advantage of anyone, but between the rock of limited finance and a hard place of having to retain and motivate good staff for the success of the business, what is the answer?

The answer is people.

Engaging people, inspiring them and finding out what makes them tick. Understanding their purpose.

Making them understand your vision. Making them believe in your vision.

Combining the two together, making them own that vision like it is their own. Making them feel like this is NOT work but fun. 

How do you do that? 

3 steps to say it simply...

1. Take time to find out what inspires them, formulate their inspired goals and enable their inspired goals to align with your business goals to build a common aim. 

2. Use the 5 Tubules pillars to enable them to grow to this common aim

3. This will maximise their fulfilment, their potential to thrive and they will engage deeper and go above and beyond.

Ultimately people don't just want higher pay, they want growth, fulfilment and a good feeling of happiness. 

They spend at least a third of their life at work. If they don't feel fulfilled, they will be the first out of the door at 17:00 hours. 

Just asking them to DO things, just hiring them to DO things - will never result in success. I see this in too many dental practices, and too often. 

No one knows why they are there, other than the superficial aspects of 'patient care' or 'patient health care'.  There is no emotional connection.

Dental school never taught business owners about emotional connections. Dental school taught people how to technically cut crown preparations and access cavities, and released them to the wide world to build successful businesses.

Dentists make the connection that awesome technical skills, crafted by some people who make that process happen, will result in the profit. 

People are hired on the basis of what boxes they tick in that process - can you pick phone calls? Can you mix alginate? Have you completed an MSc?  

Sadly, processes are costly and processes are being put under huge pressure.

It's time instead to move away from process-based hiring, to get to the three steps. 

A small business under considerable pressure needs its people. It's time to operate on another currency that transcends money. It is time to operate on another currency that transcends just financial rewards. It is time to operate on another currency that overcomes simple processes and fit.

It is time to revisit values, common goals, inspirations and a common combined purpose.

This isn't easy to do, but at Tubules, it's how we do things. Our entire resource us about enabling your teams and showing you how to power yourself and your teams. That's a resource you can find deep energy from.

Otherwise - feel free to productivise your offerings, selling products, to increase products, and hope that it does not become a race to the bottom or another PPI, or to box tick your way to compliance. 


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