The dearth of education and courses

By Dr Dhru Shah
Friday November 20th 2020

Prior to the COVID-19 crisis striking at the heart of dentistry, there were truckloads of dental courses happening all over the place. 

Dental professionals were spoilt for choice with any topic they wished to improve upon.

The same lecturers who provided online lectures then gave talks at conferences, meetings and study clubs. 

Some weekends, I remember, there were 3-4 conferences running concurrently in addition to the many individual small group courses.

The dental education market was vibrant. 

When it came to dentistry, access to education was an open gate for so many people.

Yet, when COVID-19 struck, our profession was crippled. Our profession did not have the answers, and neither did it have the leaders. At some levels, it felt that we were divided - and those cracks have opened up further. In fact the frustrations felt by many were brought out into the open and some of that division continues. I wrote a blog about how tired I am with that division. If you want to read it click here.

So the question to ask is: despite so much education, so much learning, such wide access to resources - why did we end up in this space?

We should be a thriving, united, and rejuvenated profession where each and every one of us is valued and fulfilled and happy in our jobs.

COVID-19 and its repercussions showed that we need to think differently, we need to educate ourselves differently and we need to revisit what we are learning.

Has anyone given thought to leadership, to personal development, to finding our values?

Have you thought about all this?

The courses have started again, the promotions have begun again but maybe, just maybe, that crisis was a wake-up call for all of us to re-evaluate what we are learning. 

Yet I see the same continuing and at an even larger scale. Perhaps it is time to rethink...

Perhaps it is time to do what is right for you and for everyone at large ...

This is why at Tubules we have included personal development as an important part of our portfolio.

Personal development happens concurrently with professional development. One cannot exist without another. Check out this blog if you want to understand how they coexist. I called that blog the ultimate crown preparation.


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