The era of CPD is over

By Dr Dhru Shah
Thursday November 5th 2020

The era of CPD (continuing professional development) is over, the era of growth has begun...what do I mean? Read on...

For the mass of the population, CPD is now seen as a tick box exercise. CPD means collecting certificates to meet compliance or regulatory requirements. We often get asked "do you do CPDs?" . We have to answer with a "yes, we do provide CPD for our educational activities. Not just CPD, but enhanced CPD". The response to that normally is "yes but do you provide CPDs meaning IRMER, Safeguarding etc?"

That's what CPD has become - the ability to tick boxes

Others view CPD as learning and courses and they view it as skill enhancement. Applause to them. There are some who have been on many many courses. 

But the question is - to what end? Do they have a focused growth plan associated with these courses?

COVID-19 has shown how an unpredictable event can shake our normality. Before COVID, practices were busy. Although dentistry has its stresses and frustrations, they were not short of patients in the most. Post COVID, we will be entering a whole new economy - an economy that will be recovering, an economy that may have seen many job losses and an economy which will want to recover the money that the government has had to input to help people.

CPD is not going to help

Each individual, and entire practice teams are going to have to embrace growth. Each person's individual inspired growth and each team leader's emphasis on the inspired growth of their teams will help the maximise their potential to thrive.

Growth won't come through simple tick box and CPD. Growth is going to need people to invest time and resource in gaining more knowledge, more expertise and the optimal amount of know-how in many many areas. Those that embrace growth will thrive.

It won't be just growth, but very focused growth. Something that enables goals and measurable, accountabile plans to be developed.

Those that don't may find that there are challenges ahead.

The era of CPD is over. The era of Growth is coming in - and the quicker you embrace the 5 pillars of growth, for you and your teams, the quicker you will be preparing for the new world that is coming....

Perhaps our regulators need to rethink their approach too. As compliance has not helped solve the unpredictability and chaos. Inspired growth may just do ...


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