The ultimate crown preparation

By Dr Dhru Shah
Friday November 20th 2020

A patient is booked in for a crown preparation today for the lower right molar.
As a patient walks in, you want to create the ultimate crown preparation. The vision of a perfect prep lies in your mind. The expectation that all will go to plan. The handpiece will work smoothly, every single bur will be sharp and slice through the enamel like a knife through butter. Smoothly creating the perfect taper and the precision for every margin. You hope to engage each contact point and keep each adjacent tooth intact. 

But such is life that the real perfection lies in imperfections and its challenges. 

The patient is fidgety and perhaps anxious. The patient has a tongue the size of a large whale that keeps coming in the way. Your nurse does her best to retract it but that just compounds the gag reflex. 

Your vision of that perfect crown preparation that was smoothly meant to evolve is fast disappearing.

Your stress levels are building up. Your tolerance is beginning to wear thin. Your resilience is lowering. Your patience, that wore thin ages ago. 

You somehow manage and by the time of your temporary, you have had enough. Any temporary will do. 

This is why dentistry is not easy.  The focus on the ultimate crown prep is not just about the crown prep.

It's about personal development - your focus on your own self, your awareness to understand your reactions, your emotions, your ability to cope in high pressure challenging situations. 

Personal development goes hand in hand with professional development.

It is when you can master both together that you may approach the perfect crown preparation. 

Or any procedure for that matter ..

That's why Precision is one part but the real Preparation Evolution focuses on the all-round picture... 

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100% spot on Dhru. As dentists, we often tend to focus on improving the "technical" aspect.

Tony Robbins says success is 80% psychology and only 20% mechanics.

We must develop our psychology first - and this is why personal development is more crucial than clinical development, especially now.

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