You are ignoring a key factor in the success of your dental practice

By Dr Dhru Shah
Saturday November 21st 2020

Everybody talks about building a successful dental practice and everyone talks about some of the key ingredients which include:

1. The patient journey
2. Marketing
3. Conversations and communication
4. Equipment
5. Dental skills
6. Staff

Yet, there is one important key factor that no one touches on. The one factor that can transform your dental business

That factor is people growth.

Very few dental practices, business owners or managers invest in the genuine growth of their team.

Most people don't come to work to achieve your work goals. They come to work to achieve their own personal goals primarily, and whilst pursuing this they enable the workplace or business to achieve the business goals at the same time They too want to feel happy, fulfilled and engaged and feel like they too are making progress.

Yet everyone forgets this crucial fact. In the busy manic day to day lives of practices, no one takes the time out to take the steps necessary for the growth of each individual.

This is a skill. A skill that needs to be learnt and then applied with the right tools to enable this to happen.

The person in charge of leading the team should have this skill. The skill to decipher and understand each team members values, discover their inspired goals and give them the tools to enable them to reach their goals. This is team growth. Finally, the key part of this skill is enabling that person to create insight into how this process will enable them to contribute to your business goals.

Only 13% (yes 13%) of the working population love or are engaged with their job.

Unless business owners take a real stance in developing inspiring growth leadership skills, this won't happen.

Crown prep, Invisalign and implant skills are not designed to enable people growth.

Dentinaltubules has the tools to enable these people growth skills. The 360 feedback, the event management and our huge library of content that goes beyond just a tick box are all combined to help you achieve this people growth.

As people grow, your business grows. Faster than with any of the other methods.

This is why over 400 practices use the Dentinaltubules practice membership. It's beyond just CPD and education. It enables your team.

As for the rest, they just sent their teams to tick boxes on some isolated pharm and then wonder why their businesses are stuck.



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