2nd Tubules Congress India 2018. Relevance of Complete Denture Knowledge in Today's World of Implantology

Posted on 15 July 2019
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50 mins CPD/CE

This lecture was filmed at the DentinalTubules Annual India Congress in 2018

The lecture was provided by Shilpa Sonembekar

The aims and objectives

- Gain tips on provision of complete dentures

- Gain an understanding of the detail of all the features to record in complete denture patients including extra orally are intrally orally during an examination.

- Gain tips on how to record these features accurately and practically

- Gain a checklist you can use for complete denture patients

- Gain an overview of tips for primary impression techniques including choice of the correct trays for good impressions

- Tips on recording the posterior limit of the upper denture before taking the primary impression using a T burnisher

- Tips on making primary impressions to record the entire periphery

- Tips on digital impressions

- Tips on jaw relation recording

- Tips on centric relations methods

- Tips on anterior teeth selection, arrangements and try in