Comprehensive functional aesthetic dentistry. The key skills to predictable success. Part 1

Posted on 09 March 2014
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The aim of this video series, presented by Dr. Raj Ahlowalia, will be to discuss the key principles to predictably achieving patients' dental health goals. No matter the size, or complexity of the case, is it possible to have a 'road map' to success that can be followed with any case?

Dr. Ahlowalia believes that by following a logical process this should be so.

He will present, with case examples, his simple to follow step by step approach to case management that can likewise be presented to educate patients, and to assist case coordination with specialists.

The objectives for this series are to give the experienced practitioner an overview that can be applied immediately to their own case management. For the less experienced practitioner, structured guidance to the varied skill sets, they may choose, to study further in continuing to enhance, develop and compliment their current general practice.

This part 1 of the video.

Part 2 can be found here

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