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Controlled memory navigation of curved canals. Part 8

Posted on 05 September 2014
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Disclosure: This course was sponsored by Coltene UK. Filmed at TubulesLive hands-on course on 12th April 2014 where Dr Chaniotis provided the lecture and hands-on course showing practical methods of preparing, negotiating, irrigating and obturating complex root canal anatomy.

Complex root canal systems create challenging conditions for the daily practitioner. In this set of videos, Dr Antonis Chaniotis goes through various aspects where he demonstrates and discusses how to access, prepare, negotiate, irrigate and obturate complex root canal anatomy and how controlled memory files provide a massive benefit. Dr Chaniotis provides some well-documented films of practical real-life live endodontic cases and provides excellent tips on how the clinician can improve their daily endodontic practice in all these areas. This series of videos provides many tips for the practitioner.

This is video 8. In this video, Dr Chaniotis provides a practical demonstration of preparation using rotary files, irrigation and obturation on glass blocks. Dr Chaniotis demonstrates how to use the hyflex protocol for canal preparation with curvature and also shows how to irrigate lateral canals

Aims and Objectives

  • Understand how to prepare canals using the hyflex protocol using blocks as examples
  • Understand how to irrigate and obturate lateral canals using blocks as examples

This is video 8

To view Video 1 click here. In video 1  Dr Chaniotis introduces the concept of difficult canals with difficult curvatures and how the hyflex files play a role in this

To view Video 2 click here. In Video 2  Dr Chaniotis focuses specifically on choose the right instrument length to get successful preparation of canals.

To view video 3 click here. In Video 3  he continues the discussion of root curvature and helps the clinician to understand the characteristics of root curvature and hence gain a knowledge of how to manage curve canals.

To view video 4 click here. In Video 4 he looks at the metallogy and characteristics of the files.

To view video 5 click here. In Video 5 Dr Chaniotis provides his protocol for using the HyFlex files and then provides live videos and examples of endodontic treatment in his clinical cases.

To view video 6 click here. In video 6, Dr Chaniotis continues showing examples of his cases and how he negotiated complex canal anatomy.  This video has many examples and tips.

To view video 7 click here. In video 7 Dr Chaniotis talks about obturation and demonstrates some  excellent videos of a  complete clinical cases

To view video 9 click here. In video 9, Dr Chaniotis answers all remaining questions