Decontamination and disinfection Part 6. Waste regulations

Posted on 08 April 2016
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Overal Aim of this series

  • To be upto date with our Disinfection and decontamination procedures taking into account the documents such as HTM0105 and Code of Practice

Overall objectives of this series

  • Basic requirements for good decontamination practice
  • Presterlisation cleaning and PPE
  • Discuss the code of Practice’s relevant contents
  • Look at the implications of the HSE law for resheathing needles
  • Apply the HTM 0701 for waste regulations
  • Revisit handwashing

Aims of Part 6

  • Understand waste regulations and your role

Objectives of Part 6

  • Understand waste regulations
  • Understand distinction between hazardous and non hazardous waste
  • Disposal of sharps, amalgam, developer and fixer, lead foils, domestic and sanitary waste
  • Disposal of extracted teeth
  • Disposal of study models
  • Documentation that is necessary to meet waste regulations


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