Digital scanning in dentistry today. Part 1

Posted on 28 June 2017
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30 mins CPD/CE

Aims and objectives:

  • Review the current status of intra oral scanning for single unit and full arch dentistry
  • Outline digital workflows for single unit, multi-unit and implant restorations
  • Analyse patient, dentist and technicians experiences of using digital impressions
  • Consider applications for digital diagnostics using intra oral scanning

Part 1. Digital planning/digital impressions:

  • Conventional vs digital impressions  - comparison of quality, pros and cons
  • Understand the accuracy of digital scanners 
  • Understand accuracy of crown fits
  • Demonstration of the digital workflow of single unit restorations, as used in practice
  • Fitting a new indirect restoration around an existing partial denture – a demonstration of the workflow
  • Digital multi-unit lab cases

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