Digital Symposium 2016. Planning, Creating and Selling High Definition Files

Posted on 30 March 2017
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80 mins CPD/CE

Filmed at the Digital Symposium 2016. In this video Tony Knight talks about planning, creating and selling high definition files.

Aims and objectives:

Learn about planning, creating and selling high definition files, taking into consideration:

  • Game changing dental technology
  • CADCAM to include zirconia, titanium
  • Digital workflow, scanned preps, virtual articulation, diagnostic wax-ups, temporaries, models, milling
  • Crowns, inlays, bridges, telescopic, bars, orthodontics, dentures
  • 3D printing, wax printing, laser metal sintering, CrCo/Titanium, with/without attachments
  • Digital implant planning, surgical guides
  • Monolithic restorations, milled, layered, morphology, colour, polish
  • Prepping for milled restorations
  • Digital smile design
  • Selling the smile, marketing, evidence of success

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