Dr Alessandro Conti Part 1. Introduction to Microscope Dentistry

Posted on 11 February 2017
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This lecture is very good for anyone starting out in microscopic dentistry.

Aims and objectives
1. Understand the optical characteristics and how microscopic vision works with the operator vision.
2. Understand how the eyes accommodate to focus on the retina.
3. Understand the reasons for eye strain and the symptoms.
4. Understand how microscopes allow for improvement in these symptoms.
5. Understand the benefits of microscopes over loupes.
6. Understand loupes and the difference between Prismatic and Galilean loupes.
7. Understand the differences between operative and diagnostic microscopes.
8. Gain some good tips on how to adjust your microscope and its elements such as the eye piece etc to get the correct vision, setting inter-pupillary distance.
9. Gain some tips on how to get the best focus on the microscope and the best patient and clinician positioning.

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